Mission Statement

Limmer Boot, Inc. represents the first use of mechanization in the production of a Limmer product in its entire history. These products still require a great deal of handcraftsmanship, but the intention is to make the caliber of Limmer available to an audience that doesn't require a custom made product.

With proper oversight, it is possible to mass produce without a detrimental effect on quality. The effect is to create multiple runs in a size class without sacrificing the exquisite precision that has made Limmer such a legendary name, patient purchasers have waited years for a single pair of handmade boots.

Simplicity, practicality and painstakingly wrought quality are fundamental to an understanding of the uncompromising standards that have gone into the creation of all Limmer boots and shoes.

Born from a family tradition that was firmly established when it was carried across the Atlantic Ocean and launched in this country in 1925, Limmer represents a unique combination of old fashioned family pride and the humble dedication that comes from devotion to craft.

A name that says hard work and meticulous effort, Limmer is your guarantee of quality in every purchase.